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I’m Claudia Trejos, a Colombian jewelry designer. I am devoted to the belief, that every woman is unique. Since the beginning of my career, in 2002, I have studied and questioned the frontiers of design. Through this process, I create singular pieces for each client. I work with gemstones and precious metals, gold and silver.
My designs express art, femininity and harmony.


Receiving jewelry pieces that have been in the family for generations and that have been passed down over the years…


The most difficult challenge of co-creation is mutual growth, where the talents are not overshadowed by each other, but instead they shine together…


For the last 12 years, we have been co-creating, collaborating and intervening in several projects along with renown designers…

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I truly believe that when you work on something that makes you feel pasionate about, with a clear visión and tons of dedication…

There is always more…
We are a creative workshop continuously evolving, and our web page is the reflection of this spirit.
You will always be welcomed to come for more.
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