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Together we can sow a seed of generosity and love.
The Mesenia Paramillo Reserve promotes the conservation of biodiversity in the Andean ecosystems of the country, through the integration of research activities, environmental education with the active participation of the community, and the establishment of protected areas and natural corridors.

In January 2023, an avalanche caused by the winter wave destroyed its access roads, the heliport, changed the course of the river that crossed it, and different community support buildings.

With the purchase of this bracelet we will make a contribution of 50% of the profits for the reconstruction of the environment caused by the avalanche.
When you carry our golden seed, you are sowing for everyone.


Woven polyester cord.
Seed in 18K gold.
1 gram approx.
Available colours:
Red, purple, wine red, green, blue, yellow, coral.

$ 266 USD


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